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Rasul bath



A skin care ceremonial originating from the orient, where the siliceous Krumbad Badstein applied as medicinal mud is used as a nurturing body scrub.


Purification, stimulation of the tonicity, stimulation of the metabolism and strengthening of the skin are medicinal and cosmetic effects. The steam bath dampens the slightly dried mud, a pleasant, warm “rain” finally washes it up.

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Cleopatra bath (soft-pack bed)



Treat yourself with an ancient spa secretHydrating, balancing and slightly lipid replenishing.


Thanks to the high portion of nurturing oils, vitamins and minerals, the skin receives the care it needs. After this treatment your skin feels silky and smooth. > current prices


Hay bath (soft-pack bed)



The hay from an organic farm shows a special mixture of blossoms and grass which leads to a high concentration of essential oils. The hay bath has a stimulatory effect and is highly purifying. > current prices


Kneipp water affusions



Cold affusions are vitalizing and serve the inurment, hot affusions have a beneficial effect on muscle tensions.

(further details: Sebastian Kneipp)

WIn addition, we also apply affusions with changing temperatures on legs or arms, as back, neck, upper or full affusions.

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Soft-Pack Bed

Die Soft-Pack-Liege verwenden wir in vielen Anwendungen!

Optimal, pressure free reclining comfort in a warm waterbed lead to comforting relaxation.


Slowly rising temperature, extra soft bedding and the direct contact to the respective treatment agent intensify the therapeutic effect and the well-being.


We use the soft-pack bed for many different treatments. > current prices