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In addition to various spa offers and treatments on prescription, the Krumbad also breaks new and innovative grounds. Fitness training (always under the supervision of a physiotherapist), osteopathy, kinesiological taping and foot reflexology complement our therapeutic treatments. Some treatments are subject to prescribable services of health insurances and can be subsidized according to § 20 SGB V.

Fitness Training

After creating an individual training routine with one of our especially trained physio therapists, you can exercise by yourself at certain times on modern medicinal training equipment.
In order to guarantee highest quality, there is always one of our physiotherapists present during each unit of “free training”. She/he is there to answer your questions and supervises the training. In addition, there are always maximal 6 persons training at the same time in order to minimise waiting times at the training equipment and to never lose the overview. In order to keep this standard, it is necessary that you register yourself prior to your training by phone. Should all places already be occupied on your preferred time, our members of staff will of course offer you the next available time and reserve it for you. An individually created training routine is the basis for an effective training and the achievement of individual goals.
This routine is created during an individual instruction. This is not necessary if your doctor has prescribed you a series of “physio-therapy on training equipment” before and you thus already know our equipment and are able to do your exercises by yourself.
In addition, you can also exercise by yourself after participating in our new training course “healthy back on training equipment” > current prices

Personal training / Training in small groups

Personal training is aimed to create an individual training routine after a detailed consultation, to work out suitable exercise programs and to execute them.


Thanks to the wealth of experience and the wide range of therapeutic and preventative skills of our staff, we are able to specifically address possible health and sport problems and to accompany you on your way.


All our prevention offers (see course descriptions) can of course also be booked for small groups. Put together your own group! No matter if friends, family or club members, … prices on request (E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Connective tissue massage

Similar to the foot reflexology therapy, reflex malfunctions in the whole body can be traced and treated during the connective tissue massage. By using different massage techniques, agglutinations are loosened, thus tensions balanced and organ functions indirectly (reflex) normalised.


Osteopathy is a manual form of therapy. It is based on a respectful attitude towards the self-regulating forces of nature and a holistic approach towards the human organism respectively towards the unity of body and mind.


We assume that the human organism represents a healthy, functioning system based on its nature and tendency. The individual aspects of this system form a functional unit and are interdependent.


Just like running water continuously refreshes itself while standing water becomes turbid, already minor movement restrictions in the body can lead to a deterioration of the function of all aspects of the organism (e.g. muscles, joint, breathing, nervous system, internal organs) and have a negative influence on well-being and health. The causes of such movement restrictions can be very versatile: minor and major accidents, surgeries, infections, one-sided physical strain – but also emotional stress and certain lifestyle and eating habits. This can result in an accumulation of compensation patterns whose continuity costs a lot of energy.


Osteopathy aims at dissolving such compensation patterns, achieving the best possible mobility in all structures of the body and hence activating the self-healing forces of the body in order to regain a status of balance in health and well-being. Osteopathy offers the possibility to not just ease the symptoms but also to recognize and eliminate their sometimes hidden causes. It offers a wide range of possibilities – it can help the body to regain a state of increased mobility and balance in health and well-being with both perceptible and subtle techniques.

Lymphatic drainage (complex physical lymphatic drainage)

Caused by injuries, surgeries, tumours as well as chronic diseases of the lymphatic system, however, also during pregnancy lymphostasis in the tissues (lymphoedema) can occur. Lymphatic drainages can bring relief. Using special techniques during these treatments, the therapist stimulates the whole lymphatic system, the “release” of the drainage and thus the decongestion of the oedematous (swollen) body part.


In case of long-term persistent diseases as well as chronic disorders of the lymphatic system, regular treatment sets for a longer period of time are often necessary. After the treatment compression bandages or compression stockings are applied in order to promote the effect of a lymphatic drainage.

Craniosacral therapy

The craniosacral therapy is part of the osteopathy.


This treatment aims at loosening tensions in the connective tissue of the body, at the cranial bones, the joints and organs i.e. at achieving a relaxation of the cranial- (skull) sacral (sacral bone) system by using soft manual treatment techniques. Hereby the body’s own healing mechanisms are stimulated and health promoted.


During the ultrasonic therapy sound waves are directed towards the painful part of the body via a transducer. This leads to minimal vibrations which promote the blood circulation, facilitate the removal of waste products and loosen muscle tensions. Thus ultrasonic can be used for both acute and chronic discomforts.


Thermotherapy is the usage of heat or cold. There are several methods to use heat in the therapy.
As red light (hot air), fango or peloid pack, hot roll, as bath or hot affusion. Heat is primarily used to relax tensed up muscles. Cold can also be used for example in case of acute and/or flammable troubles. Cold can be applied as ice (ice cube, ice lolly), cold affusions / partial bath, gel packages or cooling compresses (curd cheese/cabbage). A special feature of the Krumbad is its Badstein. It can be used both cold and warm. It is very effective for many troubles especially as compresses or for mud kneading.

Kinesiologic taping

After an individual diagnosis elastic taping material is applied on the skin and remains there – depending an applying method and location – for several days or weeks.


Depending on the applying technique, the activity of the muscles can be promoted (e.g. as support for muscle build-up) or reduced (e.g. in case of tensions), joints and ligaments supported or lymphatic drainage stimulated.


Its aim is to prolong and/or intensify the effect of the therapy, relieve pain, improve lymphatic drainage and joint mobility and thus promote mobility. The price varies depending on used material starting at 3€ (without diagnosis/treatment).


The electrotherapy can be used for a variety of complaints. In case of inflammations, e.g. after fresh injuries, bursitis or after surgeries, acute and chronic pains, e.g. spinal pains like lumbago or sciatica, arthrosis (joint wear), tennis elbow, activation of weakened muscles and many more.
Current flows via electrodes which are placed on the skin through the respective body part, which is perceived by the patient only as tingling sensation. Another way to apply the current is the two or four chamber bath. During this treatment arms and/or legs are dunk into partial baths so that the current is lead into the respective body part through the water.
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